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Streamline processes and automate manual and routine activities. Achieve greater agility with a tool that allows you to design specific workflows for the different activities of your business and use the graphic editor to customize them.



Automate processes

Automatic processes, streamlined and much more accessible to all your departments.


Optimize tasks

Eliminate unnecessary tasks and get rid of processes that generate an elusible cost to your business.


Increase productivity

Achieve improvements in the performance of your business and increase the quality of your processes.



Design the different states through which a request or incident must pass and add the transition rules that you need in each entry or exit. Define for each source state, the different destination states based on the actions performed.

Configure all the necessary activities that must be carried out for the correct development of each process. Define the information that must be recorded, the available actions, the necessary permissions and the automatic actions that the system must perform such as sending notifications, calls to external systems, execution in internal functions of ServiceONE, etc. For each activity you must define what actions are available and which users have permissions to be executed.

For each activity, configure the behaviour that each action should follow and assign the execution permissions so that only users with permissions have access to the activities and can launch actions.

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