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Work Reports

Provide support teams with the necessary tools to record all tasks and track Work Orders at anytime from anywhere.



Record all tasks

Facilitate the report of planned tasks with a tool accessible from anywhere.


Control your equipment

Track the work orders of your support teams in real time.


Monitor the costs

Know the actual cost of each work order and obtain an accurate estimate of the cost of personnel, material and tools.



Record all the activity of your internal and external support teams for all the work orders. Know the time dedicated to each task, the day it was performed and the start and end times of the performance. Add relevant data such as measurement records, control data, assignment of check, selection or classification tasks, and consumption of material and tools.

Allow your support teams to work in mobility with full access to all features. MobileONE allows you to consult in real time and from any place the assigned and pending activities, as well as perform all the tasks of activity report, closing of actions or notification of expenses.


Know the real costs derived from a work order through the information entered in the part. Convert the reported hours into costs by assigning profiles and hourly costs for each profile. You will also know the cost derived from the materials used and the use of specific tools.

Provide your support staff with the ability to obtain the electronic signature of a performance by the end user. It is an electronic signature with full legal validity, which complies with the most demanding regulations both in the European Union with Regulation No. 910/2014, and in the United States with E-SIGN and UETA Acts.

Record the posting and maintenance expenses generated by an intervention and you will have much more complete information on the total cost of the work order. Connect these expenses with the review and approval process by those responsible for subsequent settlement.

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