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Work Orders

Plan your execution teams to respond to all registered service requirements through an inventory of pending tasks and workloads. With the information contained in each Work Order you can know the times, costs and estimated load and compare them with the available resources.



Control every detail

Assign the tasks to own or external teams and track the progress of all the activities.


Plan your resources

Create work calendars and schedule the necessary resources to complete each task.


Optimize costs

Control in real time the material and temporary expenses of the maintenance processes.



Assign the pending tasks to own or external teams and control the progress degree of all the activities. Define the work groups and permissions that will restrict access to work orders based on their nature.

Define different workflows based on the work order origin, customize the permissions for viewing the content according to the profile you access and allow the system to prioritize the work based on the urgency defined in the service levels.


Access all the necessary information for the realization of each work order: technical documents, action protocols, location registration, expected time, necessary profiles, etc. Define all the associated occupational risk prevention protocols and establish the health and safety conditions that must be adopted for its correct execution.

Allow support teams to access work orders from their mobile phone. Facilitate the consultation of all the tasks assigned from any place and do not worry about the connectivity thanks to the functionality of online and offline mode, which allows the synchronization of the information to give continuity to the work of the support teams.


Make a calendar of planned works and schedule the activities with the allocation of the necessary resources for each task. Benefit from the different visualizations that will allow you to manage the schedules according to the scope and specialization.


Obtain the financial costs information associated with the work order and you will know the estimated costs of personnel, material and tools. Project all the costs associated with a set of actions, such as major incidents, and you will obtain the total cost of a given service.

Make a forecast of material resources for the work orders execution. Check the available stock and, if necessary, execute issue replenishment orders.

Record the work parts of internal and external support teams. Know the actual volume of hours spent, materials and tools consumed, and compare them with the forecast data recorded in the work order. Make the same comparison from an economic point of view and record the activity parts of the internal and external support teams.


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