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Space Management

Make a complete inventory of all the spaces available in your organization and typify its use according to its nature. Use the graphic display module that supports the main market standards in the CAD, BIM and GIS fields.



Optimize surfaces

Know the state of all the spaces of your company and make the most of them.


Use BIM, CAD and GIS

Use the graphic display ServiceONE module that supports the different market standards and simplifies space management.


Control the expense

Analyse the different costs associated with each space to make well-founded strategic decisions.



Make an inventory of all your company’s spaces and typify the use according to its nature. You will have detailed information on the occupied surface and the allocation of space distribution depending on whether it is a workable space or a common area and, therefore, shared by a set of spaces.

Establish a level of criticality for each space and activate this level of criticality within the Service Level Agreements so that the system analyses and identifies the priorities of a request.

Assign each employee the spaces that correspond to him and quickly identify the location of an incident. Obtain information on space occupation and population density ratios per square meter and allocate the occupancy costs to the corresponding departments.

Find out about the different costs associated with the space and know the cost of the repercussions of the common spaces on the occupiable spaces.

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