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Service Center

Define the structure of your service catalogue, its financial coverage and the provision restrictions. In addition, from the Service Center you can also manage all the Service Level Agreements of your business.



Customize your catalogue

Create your own catalogue of services and specify all the rules of behaviour that will be controlled by the Service Level Agreements.


Optimize processes

Make sure that IT services are aligned with your business strategy and facilitate the achievement of corporate objectives.


Improve the service

Perform the calculation of response and resolution times and improve the quality of your services.



Define the service catalogue in a structured way, creating different levels for better classification and organization. Build a tree-shaped structure and detail the set of services that make up each of the branches.

Specify all the rules of behaviour that must be controlled by the Service Level Agreement. Define the different levels of criticality of the assets, spaces, services and users, and combine each of these rules to specify the expected response times of each request and incident. You can include the concepts of impact and urgency in the automatic prioritization rules. In addition, you can create a Customer Service Level Agreement and its similar Operational Service Level Agreement.

Construct a complete cost model and include each of the estimated items to maintain budgetary control of the expected costs versus the actual ones. Define all planned internal and external cost items, as well as possible revenue.

Define the operational calendars on which the Service Center will be subject so that the correct calculations of response and resolution times of each of the reported incidents are made. Define for each operating calendar the days and time slots of availability.

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