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Self Service Portal

Provide the best user experience with a simple, agile and intuitive interface adapted to the profile of each user. Present them a predefined catalogue of services and guarantee the maximum efficiency of the support teams.



Increase productivity

Ensure the efficiency of your support teams by speeding up the process of registering your users incidents.


Reduce workloads

Turn service requests into a simple process and facilitate the work of your support teams.


Report any changes

Keep your employees informed about the status of their requests with alerts, notices and notifications.



Define your own catalogue of services to support the attention processes to the end user and control the quality of the provided services. Define the different Service Level Agreements and criticality levels depending on the degree of impact.


Allow the user to register the incidents through the classification catalogue and redirect them to the support teams according to their type, optimizing the attention times by minimizing the number of incorrect assignments. Request only the information necessary for the attention and let the system incorporate the context information.


Presents the catalogue of service requests to each user, restricting the services they can request based on their profile and location. Create new services, control their quality by defining Service Level Agreements and track their progress.

Provide your users and technicians with a personal section in the Self-Service Portal that integrates all the information related to their activity. In My Account your employees can centrally manage all their tasks, both those requested and those related to their activity as a technician.

Use a specific tool for project management through the Kanban methodology. Manage the tasks of your collaborative projects through a visual, simple and intuitive dashboard that contributes to the design of productive, organized and efficient processes. Integrate all the work orders and organize your projects to know which are the tasks that are carried out, who works in each of them and what is the status of the process.

Facilitate the collaborative work of your teams through a communication channel that adapts to your needs. Connect your employees through a real virtual office, accessible from any mobile device, so that information circulates quickly and in an organized way. You can also obtain information of strategic value through the analysis of saved conversations.

Easy to customize based on the specific needs of your business, the ServiceONE® Virtual Assistant stores data and performs advanced analysis to better adapt to the user’s needs. Offer a cognitive conversational experience that can provide answers and act in self-service mode thanks to its technology capable of understanding, learning, reasoning and interacting with humans. Take advantage of the automatic learning capability of the ServiceONE Virtual Assistant and its built-in knowledge of all types of industries and sectors.


MobileONE® alerts provide updated information about incidents. You will receive notices and notifications configured according to your profile and user role in any mobile or landline device.

MobileONE notifications offer all kinds of information about the status of incidents, such as compliance with the Service Level Agreements or the interruption of their resolution. Receive alerts and warnings, configured according to the role of each user, on any mobile or landline phone.

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