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Request Management

Guarantee an easy access to the different services that users need to carry out their activity and help them understand what services are available based on their permissions, how they should request them and what the expected resolution time is. All requested services can always be managed by the support team controlling the status and compliance with the agreed quality.



Improve the service quality

Finish the manual tasks with the help of automated approvals and workflows.


Promote self-service

Define a complete catalogue focused on the user to guide the different processes.


Increase user satisfaction

Use automatic notifications to keep the end user informed of their request’s status.



Implement a standardized service catalogue and customize the behaviour and registration of information for each of the services. Publish the catalogue and make sure that the user has all the necessary information to make the requests, as well as the associated costs in the case of contractable services.

Define the life cycle of each service and the actions necessary for its correct evolution. Also define the review and approval circuits, improve the execution process and optimize the operating times and associated costs.


Define the expected service levels for each of the services and record their quality. Measure the effectiveness of the services provided by analysing the efficiency in the fulfilment of service requests.

Automatically generate the work orders necessary to perform the service and control its status based on the degree of progress reported in work orders.


Send alerts and notifications to inform users of the progress, and managers of the incidence of compliance with the Service Level Agreement and all information linked to the request.

Manage the costs related to the requested services and deliver them to the different departments. Control the degree of consumption of the planned expenditure against the actual expense incurred and defines the different cost items associated with the request service center.

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