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Problem Management

Improve your incident attention service and reduce the number of notifications, by detecting potential problems and identifying repetitive patterns.



Reduce the number of incidents

Minimize service interruptions thanks to the root cause correction.


Streamline service restoration

Document incidents and solutions to have a history on the resolution of previous cases.


Free your IT team

Avoid heavy workloads by reducing recurring incidents thanks to the identification of repetitive patterns.



Easily scale all those incidents that cannot be resolved by the support team. Define a specific resolution process for each problem and assign a level of impact and criticality that allows prioritizing its attention. Record all the related information (date and time, symptoms, related incidents, etc.) that can help the problem manager identify its root cause, as well as detect possible trends.


Help your support teams to improve time and resolution efforts. Identify a solution to the problem and minimize the impact of the incidents by registering a known error and the automatic application of temporary resolutions.

Connect the Problem Management module with the Change Management one when you identify a problem that involves the modification of the environment, equipment or infrastructure. Allow change management to control the entire cycle and provide an answer to the problem detected for resolution and closure.


Define work orders that will respond to the tasks of analysis and resolution of the problems detected. Activate the activity report, plan the workloads and control the cost associated with its resolution.


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