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As long as we can’t defeat the virus, let’s limit its impact. CovidONE is the best technology to effectively manage the spaces of your company..

Manage the organizational restrictions derived from Covid-19, act preventively, avoiding contagion between employees and clients and guaranteeing their health, manage teleworking teams and ensure compliance with regulations in all face-to-face work activities at a reasonable cost.

Once again, technology is here to make the workplace a safe place for the employee, a place where socializing does not involve a health risk. CovidONE is the ultimate technology solution for companies. Comply with regulations and prevention plans, protect the employee and the client, and increase the effectiveness of internal business control, using digitized and automated processes that support your business response to the COVID-19 crisis and guarantee development of the business activity in the most adequate safety, hygiene and health conditions.



Manage intelligently

Gain greater control over managing employee safety in the workplace by automating and digitizing processes.


Improve decision-making

Transform data into strategic information and generate personalized reports that increase your reaction capacity.


Increase security

Strengthen prevention measures to protect the health of your employees and external personnel who access your facilities.


Take care of your business

Increase the confidence of employees in the safety of your workplace and ensure compliance with the prevention plan.




Enable the reservation of spaces and generate notifications when these are released to control the density of employees present in the facilities, guaranteeing safety distances.


Health status control

Carry out health checks on your employees on a daily basis, set alarm indicators and carry out exhaustive analysis of the results through personalized reports.


PPE management

Control the availability of hygienic and preventive material such as gloves, disinfected gels or masks, and design the replacement, distribution and purchase process adjusting it to your needs.


Sanitation of spaces

Plan and monitor disinfection and sanitation tasks to ensure compliance with both current regulations and your hygiene protocol.


Access and visits control

Enable body temperature measurement systems at the entrances and manage the access of visitors and clients through an authorization system by appointment.


Permit requests

Manage in an agile way the request for access and movement permits thanks to the automation of the approval processes and the sending of the pertinent documentation.



Carry out remote team management, guarantee the good performance of technology and ensure employee access to corporate tools so that they are productive wherever and whenever.


Real-time reports

Track the measures applied and their compliance through a single, visual and intuitive dashboard with the ability to generate personalized reports.


Employee communications

Use a direct communication channel and enable a mobile solution that keeps all your employees informed about any extraordinary measures related to COVID-19.

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