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Change Management

Identify all the needs that appear in your company and entail modifications in the environment, equipment or infrastructure. Carry out the inventory, analyse the impact, evaluate the risk and detect possible conflicts by managing your company’s change requests.



Control the change

Carry out your substitute, evolutionary, planned and unplanned changes with the utmost rigor and control.


Plan in detail

Reserve the necessary resources to carry out interventions and monitor in real time the status of all change actions.


Store the information

Keep a history of all the assets that have passed through your business and analyse the efforts and costs of each substitution.



Offer your change manager all the tools necessary to keep track of the change life cycle and all its phases. Define different conflict schedules according to the exchange rate, which allow choosing the best temporary windows to deliver and develop different change models to reduce risk and standardize its implementation.

Define different applicable processes depending on the nature of the change and record all the information that helps assess the risks based on their origin, their criticality, the services they affect and their location. Implement qualitative and quantitative questionnaires that help the change manager make strategic decisions.


Stipulate the chain of approval of each stage of the change process and plan the activities that will be carried out if approved. Be aware of the affected assets, services and contracts, and analyse dependency conflicts between assets, calendars and service windows during the process of defining activities.


Centralize from a single repository all the change processes of your company and implement them more efficiently. Analyse possible conflicts, gather all the information for the review of the change approval committee and evaluate benefits and risks in detail. In addition, you can have an emergency implementation and delivery mechanism with a specific change management process.

Collect all the information of the change process: comments, results evaluation, reviews, errors documentation and incidents registration. You will be able to carry out a complete analysis of the required efforts, the associated costs and the total impact of the change implemented.

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