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Case Management

Design a catalogue of cases requested by employees, define the necessary information for each case and configure the encrypted storage for sensitive information.



Promote self-service

Increase the ability of your employees to resolve cases autonomously with an intuitive interface.


Increase HR productivity

Reduce the workload of your HR team, offering your employees new task automation tools.


Increase satisfaction

Streamline the management of cases requested by employees and increase their satisfaction.



Promote the users’ self-resolution with the help of virtual assistants specialized in the different areas of HR. Train agents to answer user questions and minimize the workload of the department.


Define attention flows with automatic assignments to the different support groups and generate automatic communications to keep the employee and the rest of the participants informed.

Get a comprehensive control of resolution times and let the system prioritize case management based on the needs of the HR department. Implement a Service Level Agreement, specify the expected response times and monitor it.

Activate the mechanisms for requesting vacation permits and configure the approval mechanism. Control the activities assigned to the person during the planned time so that they can be managed and reallocated if necessary.

Manage the notification of all employees’ travel and maintenance expenses. Facilitate the allocation of the reported expense on the cost center and on the project that corresponds to it.

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