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Sunday 21 July 2019
Your technological partner

Waste Management

«The golden rule: reduce, recycle, reuse»

Nowadays, the biggest environmental challenge of an organization is Waste Management. Identify and classify all waste generated by your company and make a strict control of the storage and collection processes thanks to ServiceONE®.

ServiceONE® - Waste Management

ServiceONE® provides you those features below, amongst others:

  • System for Planning, Operation and Tracking of Environmental Activities
  • Generate the annual, semi-annual or monthly schedules of all environmental activities to be done, allocate tasks to technicians or suppliers, control quality service agreement, calculate costs and know at every moment and in real-time what is their status.
  • System for Control and Registry of Environmental Goals
  • Define your environmental goals in the short, medium and long term, adapt them to the current law, control their fulfilment, correct unexpected events and generate summary and tracking reports for all actors involved in this process.
  • System for Audit Running and Tracking
  • Obtain all environmental certifications to become a company known by its commitment with environment and quality. Always work observing the current law.
  • Notification and Definition of Emergency Plans
  • Keep always updated your emergency plans and be ready for any unexpected environmental event. Have all the information available for the staff of the organization and always keep them informed about any change or modification.
  • Documentary Management Associated to Waste Management
  • Waste management, due to its complexity and its impact on the environment, usually generates a huge volume of information. Archive it in a precise and orderly manner and have it always available to be consulted or to be delivered to relevant agencies.
  • Collection Point Management
  • Get a high level of environmental awareness within your organization by clearly identifying all waste collection points. Locate them graphically on the planes of your infrastructures and have the information at your fingerprints.