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Sunday 21 July 2019
Your technological partner

Control and Monitoring

«You can only improve what you can measure»

Getting information about all business processes and performing a thorough data analysis is essential to the smooth functioning of any organization.

ServiceONE® - Monitoring

ServiceONE® offers several features to measure and analyze all key parameters of your organization.

  • SLA and OLA Monitoring System
  • Control your Service Level Agreements (SLA) with your clients and the Operative Level Agreement (OLA) with your suppliers to define compliances, establish penalties, renegotiate the conditions or modify the characteristics of the service.
  • Incidents and Service Requests Monitoring and Tracking System
  • Follow precisely the course of incidents and service requests to achieve the highest service level. Create custom views according to different profiles, monitor response and solution times and create custom reports based on the KPI set by your company. 
  • Work Orders Monitoring System
  • Real-time and online check of all scheduled tasks to be performed by technicians, last time interventions, changes due to unavailabilities of staff or users, planned maintenance actions and possible delays, and generally all activities that require an intervention.
  • Monitoring, Publication and Broadcast of Energy Consumption System
  • Thanks to MeasureONE you can control energy consumption in your infrastructures (HVAC equipment, IT devices, water fountains...) gathering company data meters as well as devices using OPC protocol. You can perform this control according to the parameters that best suit your business (spatial structure, by device type, for periods of time ...). With the help of impONE you can publish the results on multiple players simultaneously depending on the information target.
  • Computer Equipment Capacity Monitoring System
  • Do not wait for user complaints to detect obsolete or damaged equipment. With MeasureONE you can monitor the performance of your IT devices, analyze the results and detect any failure before it causes a service outage.
  • Utilities Consumption Monitoring System
  • Efficient use of resources not only saves costs but helps create a more sustainable company. MeasureONE allows you to read all company meters, display real-time consumption or detect deviations that could indicate problems such as water leaks, electrical faults...