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Wednesday 19 June 2019
Your technological partner


«The patient is the axis about which it rotates the whole hospital activity»

ServiceONE® manages the hospital infrastructures and their associated services with them to maximize the satisfaction of all users: patients, medical staff, administrative staff, etc.

Because we know that the hospital business is one of the more sensitive in the market and does not allow mistakes, ServiceONE® provides you a range of features that will help having a perfectly functioning hospital. We can highlight those below:

    ServiceONE® - Hospital
  • Incidents management and Service requests
  • You can have a one-stop shop for reporting, querying and validating all incidents occurring in hospital, causing a partial or total shutdown of any of the services. You can also manage response and solution times and control in real time the evolution of the repair work. Made available to users a tool that allows them to request for all services required for the performance of their business.
  • Daily and scheduled cleaning
  • Control and manage the allocation and fulfilment of your daily cleaning tasks. Generate progress reports, schedule recurring tasks, know the real-time work and potential suppliers or unforeseen incidents that may arise during it.
  • Spaces reservation
  • Optimize the occupation of your spaces and their performances. See the status of the common spaces and its auxiliary material and display the location and distribution of all the available spaces.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Record and control your energy consumption, find trends and make the necessary corrective actions over the more consumption devices. Receive alerts and notifications to keep you informed of any changes that may cause an impact on the service. ServiceONE® helps you to transform the hospital into a more sustainable facility.
  • Asset location
  • Locate all the hosptal assets in the spaces they have been assigned using the QR code and with the only help of a mobile device with internet access (smartphone or tablet). Place them graphically on your infrastructure planes and assign them to people who are occupying at any time.
  • Transport and movement management
  • Schedule and coordinate both internal (in the same floor or between different floors) and external (between buildings) movements. Identify your assets to transfer using QR codes and control loading and unloading actions in real time. Have a history of all locations of your assets.