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Sunday 21 July 2019
Your technological partner


«Sometimes, innovation is making better use of resources»

An efficient Asset Management is an essential item for a proper Service Management of any organization. With a specific design for doing this, ServiceONE® has many features to carry out a strict, rigorous and real-time management of your Organization's assets and their lifecycle like those below amongst others:

  • Vehicle Fleet Stock
    Track and control exhaustively your vehicle fleet, both owned and rented or in leasing mode. Know at any moment and in real time its status and the characteristics of the vehicles to maximize their performance.
  • Gauge, Sensor and Meter Stock
    A good consumption management starts with a good measure device management. Know exactly how many elements do you have, their location, their characteristics; identify the measured parameters and group them according to your business needs.
  • ServiceONE® - Assets
  • Control of the asset's lifecycle
    Control an asset's lifecycle (both economic and physical) will allow you to control future costs, both from maintenance and replacement and to control the impact of the maintenance processes on your asset's lifecycle.
  • Asset Warranty
    Minimize the cost of breakdown and avoid unnecessary purchases thanks to claims for warranty repair. ServiceONE® allows you to easy manage all warranties of the assets of you organization.
  • Workplaces
    Keep a workplace in good condition increases its performance and user's satisfaction. This is why ServiceONE® allows you to precisely manage each component of the workplaces of the organization.
  • Asset Reservation Request
    Tired of the formalities to book a laptop, a projector, a company car... from your organization? ServiceONE® offers you the opportunity of automating and speeding up these processes thanks to its module of Asset reservation.
  • Asset Replacement
    Calculate and plan efficiently the replacement of all assets. Maximize their performance replacing the assets only when strictly needed and with a low impact in your day-to-day work.
  • Tracking of Asset Status and Performance
    A good assets performance is a key factor for your company's success. Track the assets in real time and analyse the results, trigger alerts for critical events, create incidents to solve breakdowns and plan maintenance actin to improve the assets performance.
Maximize your assets' value with ServiceONE®.