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Wednesday 19 June 2019
Your technological partner


«Energy can not be created or destroyed, only transformed»

ServiceONE® comes as the ideal solution for the Infrastructure and Service Management and Utilities sector.

No matter what kind of supply (Water, Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Internet, etc ...), ServiceONE® cover the needs of all stakeholders involved in the provision of services: users, providers, administrators and managers.

ServiceONE® - Utilities

Some of the advantages it offers for your business are those below:

  • Relation with collaborators and customers
  • Provide a single and 100% Web accessible interface, offering all your stakeholders a coherent, consistent, and customized image.
  • Information publishing
  • Select the information according to the target and publish both internally and externally depending on business needs.
  • Customer requests management and tracking
  • Enable your customers doing online service requests, track their status and know its resolution in the very moment it happens.
  • Employee relationship
  • Provide your employees with an overview of all company's available services and let them making online requests. Send regular updates of the requests and facilitate all the online paperwork management. Get feedback of their actions and control the quality of the provided services.
  • Backoffice Service
  • Guarantee and automate all workflows related to requests reception and processing and incident management.